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Our PTE Courses

Two Week Course

Standard preparation

Monday to Friday, Week 1 & 2

Morning Classes – 10 days (9:00am-1:00pm)

Evening Classes – 10 days (4:30pm-8pm)

$ 660.00

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Two Week Course – Week One

Half of standard preparation

Monday to Friday, Week 1 ONLY

Morning Classes – 5 days (9am-1:00pm)

Evening Classes – 5 days (4:30-8pm)

$ 340.00

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Two Week Course – Week Two

Half of standard preparation

Monday to Friday, Week 2 ONLY

Morning Classes – 5 days (9am-1:00pm)

Evening Classes – 5 days (4:30-8pm)

$ 340.00

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Our PTE Extras

Mastercourse Mock Tests (in-class)

  • Test designed by mastercourse
  • Complete test, followed by in-class feedback and explanation of correct answers

$ 110.00

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Pearson Mock Tests (in-class)

  • Test designed by Pearson PTE
  • Complete test, followed by result and no feedback

$ 69.00

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  • 8 workshops
  • Reccomended if further teacher instruction is needed
  • Can strictly only be booked by student who have previously completed the 2 week inclass course

$ 280.00

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Online Marking

  • Submit an essay online and have it marked by our PTE teachers

$ 20.00

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Our Online PTE Practice Tests

PTE Full Tests 1-2

Includes – 2 Full PTE Tests (each test contains all sections – R/W/L/S)

$ 99.00

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PTE Full Tests 3-4

Includes – 2 Full PTE Tests (each test contains all sections – R/W/L/S)

$ 99.00

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PTE Full Tests 5-6

Includes – 2 Full PTE Tests (each test contains all sections – R/W/L/S)

$ 99.00

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Our PTE Packages

Complete PTE Package

  • 2 week in-class course
  • 8 workshops
  • 1 Mock test in-class
  • 2 Online practice tests (Test 1-2)

$ 1020.00

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Standard PTE Package

Most Popular!

  • 2 week in-class course
  • 1 Mock test in-class
  • 2 Online practice tests (Test 1-2)

$ 799.00

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Basic PTE Package

  • 2 week in-class course
  • 2 Online practice tests (Test 1-2)

$ 720.00

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Our Online PTE Videos

Writing Video

Includes – 6 essay types (2 essays for each type)

Duration – 40 minutes each / 240 minutes total (> 4 hours)

$ 129.00

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Reading Video

Includes – Writing Summary and 5 Reading Question Types

Duration – 150 minutes total (2.5 hours)

$ 99.00

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Listening Video

Includes – 8 different question types

Duration – 180 minutes total (> 3 hours)

$ 89.00

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Speaking Video

Includes – 6 different sub sections (Describe images, Summarize lecture and Others)

Duration – 120 minutes total (2 hours)

$ 89.00

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How is PTE scored?

Please note that the test is administered AND marked by a computer.

All students start with the same question. Depending on if you got that first question correct or if you got if wrong your next question will be either harder or easier.

So at the end of the test you might feel you did well, when you really did not as questions get easier the more mistakes you make. Each Part is scored from 0 to 90 points.

There is no overall score for PTE. Please check with your college, university, professional body or the immigration/ visa department what PTE score you require.

Understanding your score


Your score report has several sections:

  • Your personal details and photo
  • Your overall score
  • A detailed breakdown of your performance

The PTE Academic Score Report includes your overall score, communicative skills scores and enabling skills scores.

The overall score reflects your overall English language ability. The score is based on performance on all items in the test. The range for the overall score is 10-90 points.

Scores for communicative skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing) are based on all test items that assess these skills, either as a single skill or together with other skills. The range for each communicative skill score is 10-90 points.

Scores for enabling skills (grammar, oral fluency, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary and written discourse) are based on all test items assessing one or more of these skills. The range for each enabling skill score is 10-90 points.

The display of the scores in a graph allows you to quickly see your strengths and weaknesses, and how each skill relates to your overall performance.

For a detailed understanding of PTE Academic scores, view the PTE Academic Score Guide.


Our PTE Options

Option 1

PTE 2 Week Intensive In-class Course (Mon-Fri at our Edward Street End office)

  • Covers ALL the sub-skills of the Pearson English Test – Writing/Speaking/Listening/Reading
  • Full 2 week class offered once a month: Monday to Friday in the morning and Monday to Friday in the evening
  • The course comprises of 17.5 hours of in-class lessons per week.
  • (For a total of 35 hours over the full two weeks)
  • Plus additional homework (recommended is 2 hours per day)
  • Online access to PTE testing/training material for the duration of the course

Option 2

Take only 1 Week of the 2 Week Course

  • All skills are taught(Reading, Writing Listening and Speaking) however only half of the question types and half of the essay types are covered
  • To complete all question and essay types you should complete the full 2 Week Course
  • It doesn’t matter whether you start with Week 1 or you start with Week 2

About PTE

What is PTE?

PTE is an international English language test that assesses the language and communication skills. The actual Test is completed on a computer at a supervised test centre.

It provides a valid and reliable assessment of all four language skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking – with an emphasis on communication in real life situations. Single 3 hour test session

Computer-based and computer marked.

Who recognises PTE?

PTE is recognised by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border for some visa classes. Please check if your visa class recognizes PTE before enrolling. If it doesn’t, please study for IELTS

PTE is also recognized by some colleges and universities for some courses. Please check with the educational institution before enrolling.

What is tested?

There are 4 sub skills ( Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening)

Which exam shall I do: IELTS, PTE or OET?

Yes, deciding which exam to study for can be very confusing. All English tests have the 4 main sub-skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. However, what these sub-skills test for is somewhat different. Before you decide, we recommend the following:

First, check out which exam you need.

Call the university you are applying to, the immigration visa department, your professional body and enquire which exam will be accepted. It would be extremely annoying if you spent time and money on preparing for and passing a test (e.g. PTE) and then find out that it’s useless to you. Things change all the time. Check every few weeks.

Second, look at a sample test.

Everybody is different. Some students do better (or feel more comfortable) with IELTS, others with PTE or OET. Look at and then do a (mock) test and mark it: how did you score? How did you feel? Do you feel in control and do you think that studying for your chosen test would help you improve? You need to look at all sub-skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, and compare them.

Third, read the information about the 3 different tests on our website and read the FAQ.

Fourth, talk to your friends and call us for more information and advice.

Which test is easier: IELTS, PTE or OET?

This is an extremely popular question.

If you read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions #1) and have found out that all three tests would be accepted for your purpose, we can give you the following advice.

First, a student who gets a 6.0 in IELTS usually gets the equivalent score in PTE and OET. The exam boards have worked these tests out really well, so that they are fair. However, as these tests are similar but not exactly the same, some students will prefer one over another.
Second (topics), in IELTS and PTE you can have any topic, whilst in OET the topic will be medical and even specific to your profession. Grammar and vocabulary is therefore perceived as easier for many health care professionals. However, OET is very specific (medical letter writing) and you need to train for it to get good results. You will need a ‘B’ grade to pass. Anything less than a ‘B’ in all sub-skills is not accepted.

Third (marking and taking tests), PTE is marked by a computer program within just 5 days and is therefore seen as efficient and fair. It tests 2 skills at the same time, e.g. you listen to a dictation and then you write exactly the same words/text down, OR you listen and then you repeat (speaking). PTE is more guided; there are more but shorter exercises. Grammar is very important. IELTS and OET are paper-based tests, marked by a human being/examiner.

Fourth (test questions), IELTS has exercises that give less guidance. The student has more freedom to decide how to answer (writing and speaking). OET is focused on the work place in a healthcare context. The test imitates situations at work. PTE is very guided, the exercises are many but short. They may remind you of English tests done in high school.

About our courses

Do I have to pre-book courses?

Yes, you should pre-book and make payment one week before the course starts.

You can book & pay online, by calling us or paying at the office.

Can I book my test with you?

No, you have to book your test at an official test centre.

You can buy vouchers from us and only pay $297 for your official PTE Test

How big are the classes?

We allow a max of 8 students per class. That way you can get special attention from the teacher. This is why we recommend you pre-book your class to secure your place.

How much does it cost?

$660 for a 2-week intensive course. If you pay weekly, the cost is $340 per week. Other courses and special packages are available. Please go to ‘Our Courses’ for details.

Why do MasterCourse students get better PTE results?

MasterCourse focuses on you passing the test. To achieve that, we have analysed the test in great detail. We teach you what the PTE examiner expects from you and how you can succeed. There is no point in studying things you don’t need. Let us tell you what you need to know, the best and most effective way to do each skill, then learn exactly THAT and practice.

A good PTE score has to do with 2 things : 1/ how good your English is and 2/ how WELL you know the test. MasterCourse knows the test VERY WELL. We will pass that knowledge (tips and tricks/strategies/common mistakes/marking criteria) on to you, our students.

Once you know how – it’s easy!

How good does my English have be?

The online practice materials are suitable for all students and all levels as it is self-paced learning.

Our in-class lessons are aimed at student requiring a PTE score of 65 or higher. They are also suitable for students aiming for 50 or higher.

In order to follow our intense in-class lessons a previous score of 40 points (or 5.0 IELTS) or higher (Intermediate English or better) is needed.

For the PTE test, you should feel comfortable using a computer.

How long does the course take?

If you want to study ALL the skills, READING/WRITING/LISTENING and SPEAKING and you want to cover ALL of the IELTS syllabus, you can do this in just 2 weeks.

Classes are approx 4 hours per day, 5 days a week. In-class lessons are 7.5 hours per day. These are very intense lessons and it’s recommended that you study 2 hours each day in addition to the in-class lessons – just to go through the same material again – to review. And then we would recommend you come the following weeks and take the Workshops to get more practice and more help from a teacher. This is a very efficient way to study.

Do you have a 1 week course?

Yes, instead of the full 2-Week course you can just take 1 of the 2 weeks. However, please be aware that you will only be studying half of the full course. If you decide to do this, it does not matter if you take Week 1 or Week 2.

Is the study material in week 1 different to week 2?

Yes, the material and the questions are completely different. It is recommended that you do the full 2-week course so that you study all the different question and essay types.

I just want to study ONE skill. Is that possible?

No, you either have to take the full 2-week course or you can just take week1 or week 2 of the 2-week course. All 4 skills are covered.

If you really feel that you would just like to study 1 skill, you MAY be able to book private lessons. These are subject to availability and you need to call us to book.

I just want to do ONE single lesson. Is that possible?

No, but you could just do a Mock Test if you like. This is a ‘day course’ where you do a full PTE Test first over approx. 3 hours. This is then followed by a approx 2 hour feedback session, where the correct answers are explained.

Can I do ALL 4 Macro Skills in ONE day?

Not as lessons, however, you can take a Mock Test in-class. All skills are tested and after the test, the correct answered are discussed and your test is marked and graded.

How do you recommend I prepare for the PTE?

Everybody is different, however students who use the following approaches do very well.

First complete the 2-week course. During the 2 weeks, we recommend you study approx 2 hours in addition to the time you spend in the classroom.

Then do a Mock Test. This will further focus your learning and give you an idea of your strengths and weaknesses.
If you need more help from a teacher AFTER completing the 2-week course, we recommend joining our workshops.

I've completed the 2-week course, but feel I need more lessons. What can I do?

You could do our Workshops. 8 different Workshops are available. The Workshops are 2 hours each and we study each skill in more in depth than in the 2-week course.

I need more practice material. Where can I access more practice tests?

We offer online practice tests. These tests are interactive. The Reading and Listening parts are marked and graded! The Writing and Speaking part have good teacher answers for you to learn from.

How do I book the 'real' PTE test?

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You can buy vouchers from us and only pay $297 for your test.